De Nada - Hard Copy: CD
  • De Nada - Hard Copy: CD

De Nada - Hard Copy: CD

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Purchase the Hard copy of our first offical release and have it mailed to you (anywhere in the US) for $10 plus $5 for shipping. In February of 2012, Mike, Marc, and Jay started recording an album in Minoqua, WI with producer Patrick Kleven. Five years later (in Feb of 2017) after both Marc and Jay passed away suddenly in 2014, the last surviving member, Mike Bielarczyk reunited with Producer Patrick to finish the album. "De Nada" is a full length, 10 track album complete with Jay, Marc, and Mike's vocals as well as instrument tracks. All Mike and Pat did was fill in the missing pieces while keeping the sound as close and true to Asparagii "Live" as they could. "De Nada" will be the best sounding Asparagii you have ever heard!!!

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